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OKIN JLDK.17.04.26 Recliner Switch 2 Button with USB

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  • This is the genuine JLDK.17.04.26 Recliner Switch, if your switch has the same model number, you can use this switch to replace yours.
  • The switch has 2 buttons, and it operates the up/down (open/close) of the recliner
  • With a USB charging port, you can use it to charge your mobile device
  • The plug of the switch is a right-angled round 5-pin male plug

Please note:

  • The production of JLDK.17.04.26 has been terminated. We now ship JLDK.17.04.26A instead. The difference between 26 and 26A is about the cover plate of the switch, the 26's cover plate is black, and 26A is silver.

  • Part Number: JLDK-17
  • Model number: JLDK.17.04.26
  • Okin Refined Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Rated Voltage: 29V 2A
  • USB port output: 5V 1A

  • The JLDK.17.04.26 is not a universal switch, please only order when your switch has the same model number.
  • The plastic cover of the switch is difficult to remove once it is locked. To facilitate your installation, the cover will be separated from the switch when shipping.
  • When you are installing the switch, do not install the plastic cover until everything is done.
  • After installing this switch to your chair, please operate all the actuator motors to the longest and shortest position a couple of times, so that the switch can identify the stroke of the motor.
  • Avoid quick operation of the buttons: When responding to the switching operation, the current is large, and quick operation is more likely to cause damage to the switch.

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