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Kaidi Linear Actuator

We can offer ANY Kaidi Linear Actuator. If you need a Kaidi Linear Actuator motor, and can't find it locally, we can help you get it!

We cooperate with Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc (hereinafter as Kaidi),to offer replacement linear actuators for our customers.
The replacement Kaidi linear actuator we offer will have the EXACTLY SAME specification as your original one.

The models listed below are only a small part of the category, if the model you need is not listed, please feel free to contact us, we will get back with a quotation

  • Tel: +86 138 0224 7190 (WhatsApp)
  • E-mail:

Shipping instructions

  • We do not keep stock for this category, anytime you order, it will take us about 5 days to get it from the manufacturer.
  • We ba based in China, the shipping method is DHL/FedEx or other similar methods, the shipping time is around 7-10 days.
  • The shipping cost is 40USD.
  • As the shipping cost for this item is too high, our return policy does not apply to this item (THIS ITEM DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURN), If you are not sure if this is the model you need, please DO NOT order
  • For customers from the EU/UK, the price does NOT include the VAT/Duty, you will need to pay it to the carrier before final delivery.