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OKIN JLDK.15.08.27 5 button switch for recliner

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  • Genuine OKIN JLDK-15 switch, the specified sub-model number is JLDK.15.08.27.
  • The JLDK-15 has multiple sub-models, this one is JLDK.15.08.27, if your sub-model is different, please do not order.
  • The JLDK.15.08.27 can also replace the JLDK.15.08.04.
  • 5 Buttons: operates 2 linear actuator motors
  • With a USB charging port
  • 2* 5 pin round plugs
  • Rated voltage: DC 24V 2A
  • USB port voltage: 5V 2A

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