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Mogktevo 4 button 5 pin Remote Controller for Recliner Lift chairs

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The Mogktevo 4-button remote controller is an universal replacement remote controller for dual-motor electric recliner/lift chairs. It adopts an industry-standard wiring method and round five-pin plug, which is suitable for most brands in the market.

  • 4 buttons: control the Up/Down function, operates 2 linear actuators, suitable for the recliner and lift chairs
  • Universal: Mogktevo remote controller uses an industry-standard 5-pin round plug, it can replace the original remote control of most brands (such as La Z Boy, Golden, Pride, Ashley, Serta, etc.)
  • Compatible with most brands' linear actuators (such as Linak, Dewert, Okin, Limoss, Timotion, Richmat, Maruni, Kaidi)
  • With a back hook: Allows you to hang the remote controller to the side pocket for easy access.

Compatibility disclaimer:
Although this remote is a universal remote, there are certain situations in which it cannot replace your remote:
1. Your remote control has heating, massage, and other functions.
This remote control can only control the UP/DOWN of the chair. If your remote control has other function buttons such as massage, heating, etc., this remote control cannot replace your remote control.
2. Your chair has 3 or more linear actuator motors.
This remote control can only operate 2 motors, if your chair has 3 or more motors, this remote control cannot be used for your chair.
3. Your remote is not a standard round 5-pin plug
If your remote control uses a non-standard plug (such as 4-pin, 7-pin, 8-pin, or a telephone plug), this remote control cannot replace your remote control.
4. Your chair uses a non-standard wire sequence.
Some brands may use a non-standard wire sequence to prevent users from replacing the original remote with a third-party remote. If your chair uses a non-standard wire sequence, this remote cannot replace yours.

  • Model: HC04-008
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Cable length: 2m/80in
  • Total load power: 5W
  • Size: 17*5.5*2.2cm/6.7*2.2*0.9in

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