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Kaidi KDPT007-74 N Linear Actuator Motor for Recliner

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  • This is the genuine KDPT007-74 N linear actuator motor assembly, brand new unused, if your actuator's model number is the same, this one will replace yours perfectly.
  • The KDPT007-74 N linear actuator is genuine made by Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc.
  • This actuator is for recliner/lift chair
  • This actuator has a five-pin female plug and a 2-pin male plug. The 5-pin plug connects to the remote controller, the 2-pin plug connects to the power supply.


  • Model: KDPT007-74 N
  • Retracted Length: 115mm
  • Stroke: 307mm
  • Speed: 51mm/s
  • Max Load: 1500N
  • Rated Voltage: DC 29V
  • Rated Input: 75W
  • Max Duty Cycle: 2 min ON and 18 min OFF

  • As the shipping cost for this item is too high, our return policy does not apply to this item (THIS ITEM DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURN).
  • DO NOT ORDER if your linear actuator's model number is not KDPT007-74 N
  • Always contact us first if you have any questions or concerns. Our email is
  • We can get ANY linear actuator made by Kaidi, if you can't find the model you need, please send a picture of the motor label to our email, we will get back to you with a quotation.
KDPT007-74 N

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