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eMoMo TRG/TRGN Recliner Switch 7 Buttons With USB

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo TRG/TRGN switch, this switch has 7 buttons and a built-in USB charging port.
  • The switch is suitable for recliners with 3 linear actuator motors, it operates the head cushion up/down, lumbar up/down, and chair open/close.
  • The difference between the TRG and the TRGN is the TRG is for the left-hand side (when facing the chair), and TRGN is for the right-hand side.
  • The TRG can replace the TRB and TRS (The G, B, S means the control panel color, G for grey, B for black, S for silver)
  • The TRGN can replace the TRBN and TRSN.
  • If you are not sure which one to order, please check the serial number of your switch: if it starts with "SN:ETRG", "SN:ETRB", "SN:ETRS", please choose the TRG option; if it starts with "SN:ETRGN", "SN:ETRBN", or "SN:ETRSN", then please choose the TRGN option.


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