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7 Pin Remote Controller Extension Cord for Recliner/Lift Chair Harness Male to Female Handset Connection Cable -6.6ft

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This extension harness cord is a common accessory used to connect the remote control and the control box/lift motor. It is suitable for electric recliner chairs, lift chairs, adjustable beds, etc.
  • 7 Pin
  • Male to female: The female end is connected to the remote control, and it has a buckle to prevent loosening; the male end is connected to the lifting motor/control box.
  • The cable is 2 meters / 6.6 feet long, and part of it is coiled.

  • The plug of this extension cable is not the ordinary 5-pin plug, but a 7-pin. It is only suitable for recliners/lift chairs which use a 7-pin remote control. Please check carefully before purchasing. If the plug of your remote control is not 7-pin, please do not buy it.

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