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6 Button 7 Pin Recliner Remote Controller Replaces the HHC HSW306 Control Wands

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This 6-button remote controller uses a 7-pin round plug and is suitable for recliners and lifts with 3 pushrod motors. It can replace most of the HSW306 hand wands from HHC/MotorMotion.
  • 6 buttons: operates the back/forth of the head cushion & lumbar, the raise/recline of the back, and the raise/down of the legrest.
  • 7-pin round plug
  • With a USB charging port
  • With backlit


  • Some HSW306 have only 4 buttons or use a 5-pin plug, or the function of the buttons is different, this remote controller won't be able to replace them.
  • This remote is not universal, and it may not replace your remote even if it looks identical.

Checkpoints to determine if this remote controller can replace yours:

  • The functions of your remote control must be the same as the ones marked in Figure 1 below
  • Your plug must be the same as the one shown in Figure 2 below (7-pin)
7 pin plug

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