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Saggy Sofa Repair Kit Zig-Zag Spring Paper Wrapped Balance Wire 33ft + 40 Clips

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This paper wrapped wire kit is widely used in the furniture industry to balance the Zigzag springs & prevent sagging. Regardless of whether you are building a new chair or need replacement wire to re-connect the springs together on your sofa, this kit will make your sofa a better performance. 
When we sit on the sofa, usually only 2-3 zigzag springs are stressed. overstress may deform the spring, which is the reason why your sofa is saggy. By installing this balance wire, the force on the spring will be distributed to multiple springs, which can extend the service life of the spring and make the sofa more comfortable.

  • Effectively prevent sofa saggy
  • Improve Sofa comfortable
  • Wrapped with paper, noise-free
  • 1.8mm diameter (similar item in the market usually is 1.6mm), offer better support
  • 33ft length: 13ft extra than other similar items in the market.

Note:  you can use a pair of slip-joint pliers to tighten the clips

Package includes:

  • 1* Paper Wrapped wire (33ft/10m, metal wire diameter 0.07in/1.8mm)
  • 40 clips 



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