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Remote Controller Compatible with the NS-MGC300BK1 / NS-MGC300BN2 Massage Chair

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This remote control is compatible with massage chairs model NS-MGC300BK1 or NS-MGC300BN2. If your massage chair is one of these models, you can use this remote control to replace your original remote control.

*** Please note ***

  • This remote control is non-refundable. Please do not purchase it if you are only testing it out.
  • This remote control is only compatible with two models of massage chairs: NS-MGC300BK1 or NS-MGC300BN2. If your massage chair is not one of these models, please do not purchase it.
  • There are many factors that can cause a massage chair to malfunction. If the problem is not caused by the remote control, replacing the remote control will not solve the problem. We recommend that you troubleshoot the issue before purchasing a new remote control.

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