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MLSK56-A1 Recliner Massage Function Remote Controller

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This remote controller is NOT UNIVERSAL, please DO NOT purchase if your original remote controller is not identical to this one.

The MLSK56-A1 remote controller is compatible with several Catnapper recliners. It operates the vibration massage and heat system. The remote controller has 4 buttons, and it has 4 wires & plugs.

The MLSK56-A1 is compatible with the following models:

  • 1268-09/3068-09
  • 4107-2 Hayden
  • 4705-6 GIanni
  • 4689-2 Magnum
  • 54689 Magnum

*This is not all its applicable models, if your remote controller is identical to this one, you can use it to replace your original remote.

Control panel:
The remote controller has 4 buttons, the following picture shows the function of each button.

This remote controller has 4 wires & plugs, all wires are attached with connection band, you can know where they go easily

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