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eMoMo RemoP40C2L 3 Button Switch With USB charging port

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo RemoP40C2L switch. If the switch you are about to replace has the same model number, this one will be a perfect replacement. 
  • This switch can also replace the RemoP40CL.
  • This switch has 3 buttons and a USB charging port, and 3 output wires.
  • This switch is suitable for single motor recliners or lift chairs
  • The buttons operate the Chair Open/Close (up/down) and turns ON/OFF the LED light.

Important Notice
  • The RemoP40 is a big family with tens of sub-models. This switch is one of these sub-models, its full model number RemoP40C2L.
  • This is not a cross-compatible switch, please ONLY order it when your switch 's model number is the same.
  • You can distinguish the model number according to the serial number.
  • This switch's serial number starts with “SN:EP40C2L”.
  • If the serial number of your switch starts with the same digits, this one will replace yours perfectly; if it is different, please DO NOT order.
  • This switch can also replace the RemoP40CL switch, which serial number starts with "SN:EP40CL"
  • We can provide other eMoMo switches, if you need a different model, please feel free to contact us for quotation

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