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eMoMo RemoP4043F2 Switch for Recliner Lift Chair Home Theater Chair 3 Button

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This is the genuine eMoMo RemoP4043F2 switch, a 3 button switch designed specifically for use in power recliners, lift chairs, sectional sofas, and other motion furniture.

The RemoP40 is a switch with tens of sub-models, and most of them are not cross-compatible. This one is RemoP4043F2. To determine if this switch will work as a replacement for your current switch, it is necessary to check the serial number. This switch can replace switches whose serial number begins with SN:EP4043F2 or SN:WTP4043F2

The RemoP4043F2 switch has a total of 3 buttons, the 2 big buttons operate the open and close (raise and recline) of the chair. The small button in the middle turns on/off the blue led light.

This switch comes with a built-in USB charging port that outputs at 5V 2A, allowing you to charge your mobile devices while you relax in your chair.

The switch has 3 cables & plugs, a round 5 pin plug connects to the up/down motor, a female 2 pin plug connects to the LED light, and a male 2 pin plug connects to the cup holders.  


Package includes:

  • 1* RemoP4043F2 switch,
  • 1* Plastic faceplate
  • 2* Mounting screws


We can provide other sub-models as well, if you need a different one, please send us a picture of your switch's serial number sticker, we will recommend the correct one for you.

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