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eMoMo RemoP10BLR 2 Button Fixed Switch With USB charging port

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  • This is the genuine RemoP10BLR switch. This switch features two buttons, and a USB charging port, using an industry standard 180° round 5-pin plug.
  • This switch is designed for electric recliners, lift chairs, RV recliners and other motion furniture. It is used to control the Open/Close or Up/Down of the chair.


  • This switch can replace the RemoP10 series switch that uses a 180° round 5pin plug.
  • However, if your switch uses a 90° plug, this switch cannot replace yours.
  • To determine if your switch belongs to the RemoP10 series, it is necessary to check the serial number of the switch, if it starts with SN: EP10, SN: WTP10, it is a RemoP10. Otherwise, please consider a different option.
  • According to customer feedback, this switch can replace the 23300061X000 switch


  • This switch is suitable for both the left and right sides of the chair/sofa. There is an A/B paddle on the switch's junction box. By flipping it, the direction of the button can be reversed.
  • The switch has a USB port that provides 5V 2A output, which you can use to charge your mobile devices
  • The switch uses a standard round 5Pin plug.
  • The switch fixed to the armrest with two screws, and the screw holds are covered by a face plate.

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