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eMoMo K20S Control Switch 5 buttons with USB

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This is the genuine eMoMo K20S control switch. This switch is an OEM switch which is widely used on power recliners, lift chairs, RV recliner chairs, etc.

This switch can replace the K20 and K20S seamlessly. The difference between K20 and K20S is about the switch color, K20 is black, and K20S is silver.


  • Five buttons for controlling chair Open/Close and head cushion forward/retrack. The button in the middle acts as a reset button, by pressing it, the chair will go to the upright position and the headrest will retrack.
  • Male 5-pin round plug: this switch connects to the junction box with a male 5-pin round plug.
  • USB port with 5V 2A output for charging your mobile device.



  • The model number of this switch is K20S, it can only replace the K20 and K20S, please only order it when your switch is one of these 2 models.  
  • You can determine if this switch can replace yours by checking the serial number of your switch.  This control switch will only replace your original switch if the serial number of your switch starts with "SN: EK20S", "SN: WTK20S", "SN: EK20", "SN: WTK20".



Test purchases are not accepted for this product. Please only purchase this product if you are sure that it is compatible with your original control box.

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