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eMoMo HX052E2HL-2 Junction Box Control Box

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  • The original eMoMo HX052E2HL junction box (also called control box). This junction box is use with the HX052E2HL remote controller.
  • Suitable for power recliner, lift chairs, etc.
  • This junction box has 4 leads: connects to the power adapter, back and waist vibration motors, and heating pad.
  • The junction box has 2 jacks: the female 2 pin jack connect with the lift motor; the female 5 pin jack connect with the remote controller.



This control box will only replace your original control box if its serial number starts with "SN: E052E2HL " or "SN: WT052E2HL " and is followed by numbers instead of letters. To confirm, check the serial number of your original control box before purchasing.



Test purchases are not accepted for this product. Please only purchase this product if you are sure that it is compatible with your original control box.

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