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MLSK55-A1 Remote Controller & Junction Box Power Recliner 6 Button 8 Pin

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This item - MLSK55-A1 Electric control system for power massage recliner includes a remote controller and a control box. It is compatible with several Catnapper electric massage recliners, if your original remote controller or control box is identical to this one, you can use this item to replace it.
Compatible models:
  • 4825 Soother
  • 4857 Ramesey
  • 4863 Chandler
  • 4891 Madison
  • 4705 Gianni
  • According to customer's feedback, it also works perfectly with the Bobs discount furniture Omni 2 lift recliner
  • According to customer feedback, it also works with Brandsmart LSMRT9177A

This item is NOT Universal, please only purchase it when your original control kit is identical to this item

The remote controller has 6 buttons and a USB port, it operates the UP/DOWN of the recliner, and the vibration and heat massage functions.
Please refer to the following image for the function instruction.

The plug of the remote controller is a straight 8 pin male plug, it connects to the control box
There is a USB port on the top of the remote controller, you can use it to charge your mobile devices.

The control box has 5 outlet cords, please refer to the following image for the connection instruction for each cord.

Package includes:

  • 1* Remote controller
  • 1* Control box

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