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Dual 5-Pin Plug 4-Button Remote Controller for Power Recliners or Lift Chairs

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This remote controller is designed for power recliners or lift chairs that have 2 motors and use a dual 5-pin plug connection method. It features 4 buttons that control the up/down (open/close) and head cushion back/forth movements of the recliner or lift chair.




  • 4 buttons for intuitive control:
Up/down (open/close)
Head cushion back/forth
  • Dual 5-pin plug connection for compatibility with specific recliners and lift chairs
  • USB port for charging mobile devices


Replacing Side Switches

  • This remote controller can replace some 4-button side switches installed on the armrest of recliners or lift chairs.
  • The switch needs to use a dual 5-pin plug for replacement.
  • If the switch uses a single 5 pin plug, or a 2 pin plus a 5 pin plug, this remote controller can’t replace it.



  1. Disconnect the plugs of the existing side switch from the recliner or lift chair.
  2. Connect the plugs of the remote controller to the recliner or lift chair.
  3. The remote controller is now ready to use. The original side switch will be disabled.



  • Please note that this remote controller uses a dual 5-pin plug connection method, which is not a commonly used connection method in the industry. Do not purchase this remote controller if the plug of your recliner or lift chair is not a dual 5-pin plug.



  • Enhanced convenience with handheld control
  • Easy replacement of existing side switches
  • Added functionality with a USB charging port

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