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MLSK89-A2 6 Button 5 Pin Remote Controller for Recliner w/USB charging port & backlit

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  • This is the genuine MLSK89-A2 hand remote control, it is compatible with several Catnapper power recliner/lift chairs. If your remote controller has the same model number, this one will replace yours perfectly.
  • The remote controller has six buttons, it controls the backrest raise/recline, seat lift up/down, legrest up/down.
  • The remote controller has a USB charging port on the top, with a 5V 2A output, you can use it to charge your mobile devices.
  • The buttons are Illuminated: makes it easy to operate in the dark nights
  • Industry standard five pin plug.
  • An extension cord is included.

Compatible models:
Including but not limited to:
  • 4847 Burns Power lift full lay flat recliner
  • 4861 Oliver Power Lift Recliner w/Dual Motor and Extended Ottoman
  • 764862 Wamer Power Headrest w/Lumbar Power Lift Lay Flat Recliner w/Dual Motor and Extended Ottoman
  • 4867 Lofton Power Lift Recliner w/Dual Motor and Extended Ottoman
  • 6 Buttons: operates backrest up/down, seat up/down, legrest up/down
  • 5 Pin round male plug
  • Suitable for dual motor power recliner/lift chairs
  • With USB charging port
  • With backlit


  • Input: DC 29V
  • Output: USB DC 5V 2A

Package includes: 

  • 1* Remote controller

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