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2 Pin to 5 Pin Power Conversion Cable for La-Z-Boy Recliners/Sofas/Lift Chairs

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  • This cable is compatible with La-Z-Boy sofas only and allows you to use a universal 2-pin power adapter or battery pack to power your chair. This is an ideal solution for users who need to replace the original 5-pin power adapter that came with their La-Z-Boy sofa.
  • The cable has a 2-pin male plug on one side for connecting to the power adapter or battery pack and a non-standard 5-pin female plug on the other side for connecting to the chair. The cable length is 50cm/19.5 inches.


  • This conversion cable is not endorsed by or affiliated with La-Z-Boy. The La-Z-Boy trademark is used only to describe the compatibility of this product with La-Z-Boy sofas.
  • This conversion cable is not compatible with other brands of recliners/sofas/lift chairs.


  • High quality construction for durability and reliability
  • Easy to use plug-and-play design
  • Compatible with La-Z-Boy sofas only


  • Solve the problem of a damaged or lost original power connector on your La-Z-Boy sofa
  • Conveniently replace your power connector
  • Extend the life of your La-Z-Boy sofa

How to Use:

  • Connect the 2-pin male end to a 29V standard 2 pin power adapter or battery pack
  • Connect the 5-pin female end with the chair's male 5 pin power connector.

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