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2 Pin Splitter Y Cable Male to Semi-circular 2-pin female plug with lock buckle

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  • This Splitter cable uses non-standard semi-circular 2-pin female plugs, if your splitter cable uses the same plug, you can use this one to replace yours.
  • This Y cable has a male 2-pin plug on one side, and two non-standard semi-circular 2-pin female plugs on the other side. The female plugs have lock buckle to secure connection and prevent accidental disconnection.
  • This splitter cable is suitable for power recliners, lift chairs, and other motion furniture like electric beds.
  • This cable is usually used to connect two motors to the power supply. Sometimes it also used to connect other devices that use the 2-pin connection
  • The length of two splitters is different, one is 50cm (20in), the other one is 200cm (78in)


  • This Cable is not universal, its female plug is non-standard, please check the picture, and only order it when your cable has the same female plug.

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