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Replacement Massage Function Remote Handset Controller for Recliner Lift Chair

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This remote controls the vibration motors and heating pad of the recliner/lift chairs, as well as the lifting up/down motors (only the 3 pin and 5 pin version have this function). If your remote is identical to it, you can replace yours with this one.


  • According to the number of pins of the remote control plug, this remote control is divided into three different versions: "3 pin", "5 pin", and "8 pin".
  • These three versions are not interchangeable, please choose the correct version according to your original remote control.

Main differences:

  • The 8-pin version can only control vibration and heating, using 12V independent power supply.
  • The 5-pin version can also control 2 lifting up/down motors in addition to controlling vibration and heating.
  • The 3-pin version can also control 1 lifting up/down motor in addition to controlling vibration and heating.

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