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KDH115-008 4 Button Switch for Power Recliner or Lift Chair with USB Charging Port

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  • This is the genuine KDH115-008 switch. It will replace your switch perfectly if your switch has the exact same model number.
  • The switch has 4 buttons, which is suitable for dual linear actuator motors motion furniture (recliner, lift chair, couch, loveseat, etc.)
  • Furthermore, the switch comes with a USB charging port. It provides a 5V 2A output that you can use to charge your mobile devices. This feature makes it convenient for you to charge your devices without having to search for an available electrical outlet.
  • The plug of the switch is a round 5-pin male plug.


Package includes:

  • Switch * 1
  • Plastic cover * 1



  • This switch is not universally compatible, please only order it when your switch has the exact same model number (KDH115-008).
  • The plastic cover of the switch is difficult to remove once it is locked. To facilitate your installation, the cover will be separated from the switch when shipping.
  • When you are installing the switch, do not install the plastic cover until everything is done.
  • After installing this switch to your chair, please operate the chair to the highest and lowest position a couple of times, so that the switch can identify the stroke of the motor.
  • Avoid quick operation of the buttons. When responding to the switching operation, the current is relatively large, and quick operation is more likely to cause damage to the switch.

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