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5.5*2.5mm Single Pin Power Cord/Adapter for Recliner Lift Chair 29V 2A

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  • This power adapter uses a 5.5*2.5mm single pin audio plug DC output terminal, rated output is 29V 2A,
  • If your power adapter uses the same output plug and the output voltage is 29V, then this power cord can replace yours.
  • This power cord kit includes an AC power cable and a power adapter. The AC power cable is 1.8 meters (70in) long, and the DC power cord of the power adapter is 1.5 meters (59in) long.

    Please Note:

    • Due to the special DC output plug, this power cord/power adapter is only suitable for a small part of the recliners/lift chairs. Please check the specification below thoroughly to avoid incompatibility.
    • The output voltage of this power cord is 29V, if you are looking for a power cord for the heat & vibration massage system only, usually, it is 12V, this one will not work.

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