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Mulin MLSK15-C2(L) Switch 4 Button Controller with USB for Recliner Lift Chair Couch etc.

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Genuine Mulin MLSK15-C2(L) fixed switch, if your original switch has the exact same model number, you can replace it with this one.
  • For left side use (right side when you facing the recliner/sofa)
  • 4 Button, operates 2 linear actuator motors
  • With a USB charging port, the rated output is 5V 2A
  • The control box after the switch is included.
  • 5 Pin round plug
  • We can offer any switch, remote controller, or linear actuator made by Changzhou Mulin, please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

  • Model: MLSK15-C2(L)
  • Cable length: 1m (appr 40inch)
  • Rated voltage: DC 29V

  • The plastic faceplate of the switch is difficult to remove once it is locked. To facilitate your installation, the faceplate will be separated from the switch when shipping.
  • When you are installing the switch, do not install the plate until everything is done.

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