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Adjustable Link V Belt with T-Nut 5Ft

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  • High power elastomer reinforced link belt
  • Replace the traditional triangle belt/V belt
  • Can be made to any length by hand in minutes
  • Replace the damaged section only, no need to replace the whole belt
  • Use T-Nut as the connection method, durable for harsh working loads.
  • Ideal for the emergency replacement to minimize the downtime
  • Simplify the belt inventory, no need to stock up hundreds of belts in different lengths
  • Available in 6 sizes, replace standard Z/10, 3L, A/13, B/17, C/22, and D/32 drive belt perfectly
  • Resistant to oils, greases, water, most common industrial/agricultural chemicals, and solvents
  • Longer belt life in harsh operating conditions
  • Unique belt construction dampens transmitted motor vibrations, extending the bearing life and reducing noise levels
  • High resistance to abrasion and shock loads
  • High-performance polyester/polyurethane composite technology with the same horsepower ratings as conventional rubber V-belts
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +100°C

Please note: 

  • This item has 6 section options, please choose accordingly. 
  • The price is for 5ft (Appr 150cm, or 60inch)
 Section Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
Z/10 10 6
A/13/4L 13 8
B/17/5L 17 11
C/22 22 14
O/M 10 8

Our link V belt has features of long service life, it is made by polyurethane and polyester composites, easy to the assembly for any length and vibration reduction-rational construction 50% vibration, not easy to stretch and relax as long as the number of the same combination of each belt.

Glass temperature furnace, grass transparent, extreme environment, power transmission, airport baggage sorting system, ventilation system, cover machine, steel industrial, hot blast stove, machine transmission, wood machine, stone breaker, wood industrial.

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