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6-button remote controller with three*2-pin plugs for dual 2-pin motor recliner/lift chair

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  • This remote control is not universal compatible, if your original remote control is not a three*2 pin plug design, please do not order it.
  • Since we are based in China, the shipping fee for returns is very high (buyer borne), therefore, we do not recommend test purchases.
  • Please always contact us first for any questions or concerns.


  • This remote controller is suitable for recliner chairs and lift chairs that use two*2-pin plug push rods.
  • It has six buttons, which can control the extension and retraction of two linear actuator motors separately and synchronously.
  • It has three*2-pin plugs, two of which are female, plugged into the motor, and one is male, plugged into the power adapter.
  • Rated voltage: 24V-29V



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