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How to Replace Ashley's 4-Button Armrest Switch with a Handheld Remote

Posted by CHEN JIULING on


The 4-button switch in the following picture is a commonly used switch for Ashley’s power recliners and lift chairs. It is used to control the up/down movement of the chair and the forward/backward movement of the headrest.

Some users, especially those with limited mobility, may find it difficult to use the armrest switch. As a result, they may want to replace it with a handheld remote control.

This blog post will introduce a remote control that can be used to replace this four-button armrest switch.

The Problem

The mainstream 4-button remote controls currently on the market use a single 5-pin plug connection method. This is different from the dual 5-pin plug connection method used by the Ashley 4-button armrest switch. As a result, most remote controls cannot be used to replace the switch.

The Solution

There is a remote control available that uses the same dual 5-pin plug connection method as the armrest switch. This means that you can replace your switch directly with the remote control.


How to Replace the Switch

To replace the armrest switch with the remote control, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the two plugs of the switch from the chair.
  2. Connect the two plugs of the remote control to the chair.
  3. You can now start using the remote control to operate your chair.

Please Note

  • Please note that your switch will lose functionality after replacing it with the remote control.


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